Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Development Progress in sub-Saharan Africa

The UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2010/07 lists Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius and South Africa as sub-Saharan African countries that stand out for their development progress. Apparently each of these countries has succeeded against the odds, and against expectations. This paper synthesizes the common ingredients of these countries’ success, and derives lessons.
From the dry, sparsely populated desert expanses of Botswana, through the densely populated tropics of Ghana, to the small sub-tropical island of Mauritius with its Asian heritage, and to the multicultural melting pot of densely urbanized, industrial South Africa, these four countries provide proof that the peoples of Africa have succeeded, and can succeed, in all environments and contexts. The paper  concludes that smallness, landlockedness, tropical location, distance from world markets, racism, colonialism and other challenges can be overcome through appropriate institutions, governance and good economic policies. Click here to read more.

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