Friday, August 27, 2010

World Bank scolds Botswana over NDPs

An article in the Sunday Standard newspaper (Botswana) indicates that although Botswana’s traditional planning and budgeting systems have served the country well since independence, they are no longer in tune with modern times, so much that there is real risk of not being able to deliver on the projected targets, especially in view of the need to cope with demands presented by the current global financial crisis and dwindling revenues. This emerged during a presentation by World Bank officials during Public Expenditure Review Workshop in Gaborone.
The World Bank also notes that there is more money going out of state coffers than is practicable to make up for the costs resulting from remunerating a big public service that takes the bulk of the country’s financial resources.
It was observed by the World Bank Group delegation that on formulating the NDPs, no provision was ever made for existing projects, with the result that every NDP since independence has been leaving in its trail a legacy of either dilapidated or incomplete projects. Click here to read more...

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