Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Proceedings of the 2009 FOPRISA Annual Conference

A publication entitled Proceedings of the 2009 FOPRISA Annual Conference was recently released. The book is an assemblage of papers presented at the Formative Process Research on Integration in Southern Africa (FOPRISA) conference held in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa from 14 to 15 July 2009. The papers published in this book were commissioned by the Botswana Institute for Develeopment Policy Analysis, and as with the previous proceedings the papers discuss the political and economic dimensions of regional cooperation and integration, the monitoring of SADC, as well as relations with the international cooperating partners.

The papers in this volume represent all the FOPRISA themes, which are: Democratic development; Politics, defense and security cooperation; Regional trade and its relations to the international trade system; and  Economic harmonization, finance and investment. Copies of the proceedings are available at the BIDPA Library. 

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